Monday is here again

I’m still playing around with this thing…wondering if it will be of use to anyone down the road.  No trials today (in the courtroom anyway).  I’ve been wondering a lot lately.  Wondering how far the people will allow the Government to push us.  Will they push us beyond a point of no return?  I say Government, but I really mean “they”.

They already come into our homes and tell us how to think and who we should hate.  Who are “they”?  I think “they” are the ones that want to be today’s King.  And most of us get on that wagon and ride it because it appears correct…it is comfortable.  When the people on the wagons wake up, will it be too late?

Here in Collin County, they don’t kill the lawyers.  They just indict as many as they can and find judges that will sign warrants to search their offices.  Pastor Martin Niemoller has a great poem or phrase, “First they came for the jews and I did not speak out…then they came for me and there was no one left to speak”.  I may make some modifications.  

Like my uncle used to say, “Tony, they can’t eat you”.  Now, I’m wondering if I should hit the word “publish”.  Wondering if the coffee has clouded my words..  what the hell


One Response to “Monday is here again”

  1. Pat Metze Says:

    Tony the coffee only gets you to say what we all think. You worry too much. Over the top? Shit, the only over the top statement would be that we should organize and pool our resources with PI defense lawyers (who do have the money and share the same judicial enemies) and remove the sons-of-bitches from the bench and remind them publicly their jobs aren’t given to them by God (except for Federal Judges who ARE God). There’s not a Judge on the bench that doesn’t have mistakes in his life that could be exploited to get the God fearing electorate to remove him.

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