Choosing a Lawyer

I’ve been struggling lately with the way people choose a  lawyer, but more with what lawyers will do to get some money.   The self-proclaimed DWI experts are particularly disturbing, especially when they use self serving artificial slogans as if we are selling hamburgers. Maybe I should reverse roles with the person looking for a lawyer. 

“I just got arrested for the first time in my life.   I don’t know many lawyers and I think I may need one now.   I don’t know any court reporters or Bailiffs.  I don’t really know how the judicial system works.  I think most lawyers are basically the same, but I got all these letters from lawyers.  One says he has “handled” thousands of DWI cases.  Here is one with a discount coupon.  Another lawyer says he is a former prosecutor and he knows how prosecutors think.   I guess I will just pick the one that says he is the greatest. Besides, I don’t know any better, so I think I want someone who has made a decision, for some reason, to focus on DWI cases because it sounds like the way to go.”

I guess  people that need lawyers aren’t immune to the bs being sold out there either.

Edited because I’ve offended some of my friends.


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