Dallas “Cop”, Robert Powell

Starved for power and respect as a child, so he got a badge

Starved for power and respect as a child, so he got a badge

The Robert Powell’s of the world aren’t just in Dallas, Texas. I’m tired of cops in general. I haven’t always felt that way. Now, I’m forced to talk to my kids about them as a whole. I grew up in the day when my dad would get out of the car and walk back and talk to the officer. Now, it is generally an immediate assertion of authority.  We don’t have many officers anymore. We have a lot of punks who want and desire the power they didn’t get as a kid and can’t otherwise get in this life.

Now, they attempt to intimidate and control everyone they encounter in the false name of “officer safety”.

They may call it “command presence”. We can either give them “kiss their tail respect”, which really looks silly if you’ve been drinking or we can give them command presence respect. They, of course, love it when we bow down to their power.

There may be a time and place for this “command presence” thing, but not in this traffic stop. An “officer” knows when to have “command presence”. Many have referred to this incident as racial profiling and it could have been, but it was a Cop trying to feel the power. Moats refused to give Powell the power. Moats demanded respect first and did not get it. Fortunately for the Moats and us, the video was preserved quickly by the media.

By the way, I have had Robert Powell as a witness in a DWI case and he didn’t have a video of the scene at the time of trial.  Powell was one of the worst witnesses I’ve ever seen, who had a total disregard for the truth. But, what if he was one of those smooth talking Cops?

Although it appears to be a case of  racial profiling, which does exist, I think it was Robert Powell acting as he always acts.




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