Robert Powell quits before he is fired

Well, Robert Powell quits before he is fired by Dallas Police Chief Kunkle. That sounds pretty good doesn’t it. The City of Dallas got rid of a bad cop! What will Powell do now? Will he go back to school to study for a new career? Very unlikely.  We have a young man hungry for respect and power, so that rules out school, McDonalds, security guard, and a mall cop.

I expect him to turn up in a small town in Texas where he will be in a better position to unleash his unbridled wrath on the people that are less able to fight back. 

Cops like Powell, as opposed to officers, have filled positions in small towns all over Texas.  They can be found in Celina, Melissa,  Murphy, Wylie, and many more.  Why do we allow this to happen?

The sad truth is that we have too many cops like Powell and not enough officers.  They are out there abusing their power on our friends, neighbors, and kids.  They are more dangerous than Powell because they are smarter,  communicate better, and are better able to keep their agenda hidden from the brainwashed public.  This world needs more citizens like Mr. Moats and more cameras for the Powells that slip through.


One Response to “Robert Powell quits before he is fired”

  1. dave Says:

    yeah murphy! home of the home town police! i will honestly say that with our last two police cheifs gone, the department has changed its tone..

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