All of our “Stuff” and Trial Lawyering

Number two on Pastor Jeff Warren’s list of (5) things we can live without is “Less Stuff”. And so, I’m thinking about how that relates to the trial lawyer or any of us. If we have lived on this earth long enough, regardless of our faith, we have probably learned that money and “stuff” doesn’t make us happy. It reminds me of my late friend, George Roland. George was a very good lawyer in Collin County and was a positive influence on many of us. He loved to write poems and make up (or steal) “Rolandisms”. One of his quotes was about “things” or, in this case, stuff. “The things in life that make you happy aren’t things”.

Jeff talked to us about “The Myth of More” based on Ecclesiastes 5:10-17). He talked to us about, “The more you have… the more you want,…the less you are satisfied,…the more people will come after it,…the more you realize it does you no good,…the more you have to worry about,…the more you can hurt yourself by holding on to it. Some of us learn it early, but I’m guessing that most of us “live it” first. King Solomon lived it. He had it all and tried everything. I’m thinking that he is telling us to learn from his mistakes.

I know all this “stuff” relates to the Lawyer, but as I was thinking about how to put it in words, the song, “Money, Money, Munnnee” came to mind. I haven’t really listened to the words, but I imagine it has something to do with getting more things. For me, as I’ve aged, I have seen what King Solomon wanted me to see in Ecclesiastes.

Since this is a blog, and not a book (and I am behind one week), I will force myself to close. Having a bunch of stuff doesn’t fill the soul. It gets in our way and bogs us down. We become a slave to money, and the stuff, and all that comes with it, like debt and our mental and physical resources. And when that happens, money and greed can get in the way of doing what is necessary and right. When we are not really free, it affects our ability to use the God given talents required to help others.

If you want to hear Jeff Warren’s series on 5 things you can live without, check out the podcasts where “Less Stuff” is archived.



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