Letting Go of the Baggage and Trial Lawyering

Number three on the list of (5) things we can live without is “Letting Go of the Baggage”. This weeks message was from Hebrews 12:1-3. It talks about “throwing off everything that hinders”…. “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out…”

What hinders the trial lawyer? We’ve mentioned fear, anxiety, and stuff earlier. I think throwing off everything means to throw it all off. But, what interested me was letting “self” go. What is this image of “self” all about? Are we really supposed to be perfect? When we get hung up on our image and perfection, we can’t be real. Fear of failure limits us. It prevents living and taking important risks required to find truth and, therefore, win.

What race is marked out for us? I’m thinking that the race marked out is different for each of us. We realize that we all have our talents and we’ve been given the choice on how we use them. If the race is not to get more money and more stuff, what is it?

Many of us know our race, but seem to veer off the track from time to time. I know I feel a lot better when I stay on the track. Patience comes to mind. I should have more patience.

If you want to hear Jeff Warren’s series on 5 things you can live without, check out the podcasts where “Letting Go of the Baggage” is archived.


One Response to “Letting Go of the Baggage and Trial Lawyering”

  1. Nonefornow Says:

    Your stuff is really good, meaty. It reminds me
    of the opposite of “Where is the beef”? What
    caught my eye was your Dec 31, 2011 post
    discussing Rogers. Congruence, empathy and respect: Keys for a therapeutic or
    it seems to me jury relationship. Think about this: What a magnificent thing we can do
    by deeply listening to a juror. We can endeavor to treat each juror as if E.F. Hutton.
    By listening we may honor that person in a
    way they rarely are. To listen is to show respect and prizing. By truly listening we can
    make the world better. Kinda got going here..
    Hope I didn’t bore. Ciao from now.

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