Pat Barber, a Lawyer from Colorado City, Texas

Pat Barber burns his sign

Pat Barber, a lawyer from Colorado City, Texas recently passed away. I never met him, but I wish I had because he had an influence on me and he never knew it. He reminded me of me, and he backed up his beliefs with his money. Pat caught my attention when he put up a billboard at his Ranch on I-20 “Just Say No to Searches”. Although the Government has no problem with billboards advertising fantasies, liquor, and their propaganda, they didn’t like Pat’s message. After a long fight, they finally shut him down. Pat refused to take his sign down, instead he burned it.


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  1. Defending People » I Hope There’s a Fourth Amendment in Heaven Says:

    […] RIP Pat Barber (via Tony Vitz). Barber died 29 July 2011. Here‘s a story about him in his local paper, and here‘s a 2004 story from the Idaho Observer. […]

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